I care about all of my clients and want them to succeed in the long run.

For this reason, I provide consulting services that are catered to my clients’ specific needs.

Do you have a need to provide your family with secure future?

Do you agree the most high expression of love is to share life?

Do you need a source of funding for your business you can put faith in?

Let me guide you. Get in touch today and let us talk.

Insurance Agency

Independent advise tailored to your specific wants and needs. Primary focus on you and your family and your business.
Both life and health products secured by insurance companies you can trust. 
Either young or mature, there is a right health plan for you. Same - there is a coverage for life, either funeral expenses, mortgage protection, cash flow, or other.
Insurance is about life.

Visit my Agency - Maga Insurance Agency - MIA

Cash Flow Consultant

It is about cash when you need to fund your next real estate investment deal or expand your existent business.
You want or need cash for your future payments on that mortgage Note.
Let us talk about funding your next deal, either purchase or rehab or construction.
Get cash for the paper you hold.

Visit my Agency - The Cash Flow Answer 

Church Financing

Our churches may struggle with cash flow to cover all the expenses including mortgage, repairs, improvements, etc.
There is hope because qualification for purchase, refinance, improvements and repairs is easy.
Let me know if your church or a church you know needs help from us. We are here to serve.


Tell me I Got Church!

Ana V Magalhães

Contact me today. You can call, email, mail or complete the short form below.

Ph:# (760) 713-6242

I do NOT share or sell your personal information

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